So High -From the album Fission: Atoms and Bombs. Check out the new single for the Soulful so be careful!

1st single from the “Shots Fired Movie Soundtrack” 2nd premiere July 29th. Get your copies then. Please share! #Chicago


Damn He Went In On The KONY Campaign!

he said: “america always needs a villian”…..”the government cares…when did that start happening” lol too funny but true it’s all about money…

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Check the Official Movie Trailer for Shots Fired Directed and Written by Jay Davis. Scores by Coriz TheWrita and TEAM Pervert. 2012 is the time to #teabagthecity of Chicago as Jay would say. Enjoy the trailer and listen in for the next single to be posted next week.

Mars- Coriz TheWrita Feat. F. Mills. The 2nd single from the Movie Soundtrack Shots Fired by Jay Davis. Executive Producers of these works are Carlos Wilder, Jay Davis, Chenene “Coriz” Friend, and Harrell Johnson. Magnificent project. Other features by T.R.O.Y, Raydio G, Prince Ghost, Luxx of MaggMyle, Lennon of Project Mayheim, Jay Hollins, JaMiss, Dave Pracyse, Dj Averi Minor, Velle of AAU, F. Mills, Jay Hollins, Drama Foxx and J Diction. Stay tuned you don’t want to miss this!!! Movie premiering May 19th 2012.

TitleMars (Mastered)

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